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    Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers Parody Logos

    Football wouldn't be half as fun without rivalry games. Even casual football fans will watch the Cowboys vs. Redskins, Patriots vs. Jets, and Steelers vs. Ravens. Arguably the best rivalry of them all is the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. So in the interest of not being called a "cheesehead" or a "ditka", we are releasing both logos at once.

    P.S. If you ever get a chance to watch this game in a border town like Kenosha, Wisconsin or Antioch, Illinois do it. Most of the back and forth banter is good clean fun. Besides... being called a "cheesehead' or a "ditka" isn't so bad.

                                   "Da Bear Mount"                       "Double-check that Discount Cheese" 

       Bears vs Packers Parody Football Logo

    Pittsburgh Steelers Parody Logo

    Welcome to the official kickoff of the 2015-2016 Season! Last Thursday night the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers ended a pro football drought of over seven months. Forget Christmas, this truly is.... ♫ ♩ "The most wonderful tiiiime of the year" ♫ ♩ 

    It wouldn't be fair to Pats fans if we didn't have something out for their opponent. Introducing

    "Terrible Towel Rack" 


    Funny New England Patriots Parody Logo

    It's been hard, if not impossible, to ignore the "Deflategate" coverage. Regardless of which side you stand on the issue it's pretty ridiculous that so much time, energy, and money have been wasted on the air pressure in footballs. This case literally was heard by a FEDERAL judge. That said, it took us football fans right up to Week 1 of the 2015-16 NFL season.

    Some say it's embarrassing for the NFL while others say that this story has been a clever marketing scheme to keep us all talking football during the off-season. This controversy has certainly added fuel to the fire for Patriots/Tom Brady haters. What we would argue is that it's time for Patriots fans to embrace this and own "Deflategate" and "Spygate" like a badge of honor.

    New England's reputation for cheating will never go away. You will hear it years from now, and more often, than you hear old-time Raiders fans claiming the Immaculate Reception was an illegal catch. The '72 Dolphins had an easy schedule, the Cowboys were drug-addicts, the '96-98 Broncos were over the salary cap, and the New England Patriots were cheaters. The damage is done and there is nothing you can do about it. 

    So we've created a logo equal parts for Patriots haters and equal parts for Pats fans who embrace it.

    "Will Spy Four Rings" 

    Funny Patriots Parody Logo


    We've "Pre"-Launched! First up, Miami Dolphins Parody Logo

    Welcome to Parody Tease! A store that provides funny parody logo t-shirts and gear guaranteed to get you a laugh. If you don't get a high-five or two in the first 30 days return the shirt for a full refund.

    We will be releasing a new "parody tease" every week. Starting with "Dolphins Sushi" and continuing throughout football season.  No team will be safe (Including my own), so check back weekly for our new releases.

    Or goal is to give you the most effective way to tease your rival team without even saying a word. We aren't doing our job if our funny logos aren't getting shared, re-tweeted, tagged, blasted, pinned or whatever else you kids are doing these days!


    "Dolphin Sushi"

    Funny Miami Dolphins Parody Logo




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